Are there any age restrictions on staying at the hostel?
Yes, there is an age policy, you must be between 18 and 40.

What happens if I want to cancel/amend my booking?
To change or cancel your booking just call us or drop us an e-mail, contact details are found here.

Why do you need my credit card details to book?
We always require a credit or debit card to secure the booking, in case you don’t show up.

Can I still book a room without a credit card?
You must provide a valid credit or debit card to book a bed with us.

Can I pay for my room using cash?
You can pay for your room in cash on arrival yes.

Can I pay for my booking in advance?
Yes of course, you just need to call the hostel and you can pay by credit/debit card.

Can I pay for my stay with a different card used to make the booking?
You can use any Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Union Pay to pay on arrival, or in Cash if you prefer.

I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail, what should I do?
Don’t worry.  Just call or e-mail the hostel with your full name and they will find your booking.

Is it possible to make a booking for a large group?
Of course, just get in touch with our Group department at 

If I book for more than one person, are we sure to be in the same room?
We always try to put you in the same room, but because you are booking beds we cannot guarantee it.

What’s the difference between a double and a twin?
A double has one bed that is a double in size.  A twin is two separate beds, either a bunk or two singles.

What’s the maximum length I can book at the hostel?
The maximum length you can book for is 14 nights. For longer booking please contact us at 

Do you provide confirmation emails for embassies?
We do not provide confirmation e-mails to embassies.

Do you do rates for the long term?
Please contact us at .

How do I cancel my booking, and will I get charged if I do?

If you have booked a free cancellation rate plan, you must give 72h notice to cancel your reservation and there will be no charge. If you booked an advanced purchase/non refundable you cannot cancel the reservation and will be charged the full amount.

Can we share a bed?
Each person wishing to stay at the hostel must book their own bed.  However, if you wish to share with somebody that is up to you!

How can I get in touch?
Find all of our contact details here .

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